Backyard Vibrations

One of the things I really like to do on a beautiful day, is to have my lunch outside on our deck. While I enjoy my lunch, it’s wonderful to listen to the birds chirp and watch them splash around in the birdbath, listen to the little waterfall in the garden, enjoy the buzzing of the bees and watch the flowers grow. To me, this idyllic scene is filled with good vibrations. It’s a great way to add some relaxing moments to the middle of my day.

There is one problem with this wonderful scene. The deck is on the side of the house. On the other side of the fence beside the deck, are a sidewalk and a bus stop. Three major bus routes stop right beside the house. In addition to this, the buses stop across the street going the other way. A bus stops every few minutes beside the house or across the street. If they don’t have squeaky brakes, the rumbling from their acceleration as they leave is felt in every cell in my body.

So, how can I sit there and still enjoy my lunch? I pondered this the other day as I alternately enjoyed the deck and rumbled with the buses. The vibration, or rumbling, from the bus could be felt deeply in my body as the sound passed through. I started to think about vibration. defines vibration from the physics point of view as: “the oscillating, reciprocating, or other periodic motion of a rigid or elastic body or medium forced from a position or state of equilibrium” and “the analogous motion of the particles of a mass of air or the like, whose state of equilibrium has been disturbed, as in transmitting sound”. The dictionary also defines a more informal aspect of vibration as “a general emotional feeling one has from another person or a place, situation, etc.: I usually get good vibrations from him”.

I could certainly feel the “equilibrium has been disturbed” part as each bus rolled by. And I loved the “general emotional feeling” from being in my garden. Sound is vibrational energy. So am I. At the atomic level, every particle within me is in constant motion and vibration. What I had to do was find a balance between my idyllic scene and the rumbling of the bus on the other side of the fence.

So, I decided that the essence of my backyard was the idyllic scene. The sound of the bus was a momentary (although fairly frequent) intrusion. I allowed the sound of the bus to pass right through me – which is what the sound does anyway. The key was to decide whether or not I chose to create and hold on to an emotional response, like anger or frustration, at the intrusion of the sound of the bus. To me, that would just spoil my lunch and give me indigestion.

Allowing the sound to pass through me without an emotional response, gave me permission to return quickly to the idyllic scene. I still felt the vibrations from the bus in every cell. The sound just felt like a wave traveling through me. Sound travels about 770 miles per hour and about four times faster through water. In other words – me – or at least 80% of me. That’s pretty fast. Without the emotional response, the effect of the sound dissipated quickly and I was free to return to the good vibrations of my backyard and enjoy my lunch.

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