Carne Asada Marinade Recipe

Carne Asada translated directly to English means roasted beef but as a matter of fact it’s grilled beef. The dose is actually thinly sliced grilled beef which is often served in tacos or burritos. If you wish to add something to the side because you think that it’s not enough then rice or/and beans works like a charm. Usually the beef is marinated but if you don’t have the time or have marinade you can just use salt and pepper. I will now tell you a short recipe for carne asada marinade.


-2 tablespoons white vinegar

-2 juiced limes

-1/2 cup of olive oil

-4 garlic cloves

-1/2 teaspoon sugar

-1 chili pepper, jalapeno

-1 teaspoon freshly ground cumin seed

-1 large handful finely chopped fresh cilantro

-kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

What you now do is that you mix all these ingredients together really good in a bowl. Then you put in the beef and the marinade in a bag. The longer you let it stay there the better and stronger the taste will be. What you also could do to improve the taste is that you massage the beef every now and then which will make the beef absorb the carne asada marinade.

Once that is done all you have to do is to heat up the grill and then grill the meat. To get the best meat you should grill it to medium-well. After that the food is ready to be served, it’s up to you to choose if you want tacos or burritos.

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