Fine Dining Experiences in Dorset

Holidays in Dorset are not complete without experiencing the different tastes and cuisines offered in the famous English culinary destination. There is a long list of restaurants to choose from and based on testimonies of frequent tourists spending their Torquay holidays the best way to enjoy eating out in Dorset is not only by sampling the traditional English cuisine but also trying the various international dishes and restaurants that are making waves and are the driving force in Dorset’s food culture explosion. Torquay holidays are also known to provide gastronomically sensational food and holidays in Dorset are not far behind. From Asian food to European cuisine Dorset has it all but here are some suggestions to get your culinary journey around the great restaurants of Dorset started.

Thai Nakorn Restaurant

The Thai Nakorn Restaurant is located in Dorchester which is very accessible to guests spending their holidays in Dorset. This is one of the contenders vying for the slot of being considered as the best Thai restaurant in the area and the county. The variety and the numerous dishes lined up in their menu are impressive and this restaurant has to be visited while spending your Torquay holidays. The restaurant follows three simple rules in order to satisfy customers, their philosophy is that the food coming out their kitchen has to please the eyes, have an appetizing smell and possess extraordinary good taste. Following this philosophy, the Thai Nakorn Restaurant imports majority of its spices from Thailand to ensure authenticity. Customers that are spending their holidays in Dorset in search of a fantastic meal should try the house specialty which is the Satay Gai which is grilled chicken skewers with peanut sauce or the Thai Nakorn Platter which is a sampler of different appetizers so that guests have an opportunity to try out different dishes in one order. Torquay holidays will be emphasized when you try the Se Krong Moo Nam Peung which is pork spare ribs with Thai spices and marinated in honey. This restaurant has an array of different types of curry dishes from red curry beef to spicy fish curry and Thai green curry. Thai food is spicy so please advice the service staff to have the cook to apply the use of chilli in moderation.


This is a contender for best Italian restaurant in the Dorset area. Holidays in Dorset are not complete without having a taste of brushetta and oven roasted chicken wings Italian style. Torquay holidays will become culinary treats for families and children who enjoy pizza and pasta. A choice of pasta Al Forno, Marinera, Putanesca, Alfredo and Bolognese are dependable and satisfying dishes. Italian cuisine is one of the most popular types of food in the whole world and Prezzo does it well. One should also try the grilled meats, vegetables and sausages for a truly full meal that would certainly fill the void in ones appetite during their South Western English vacation.

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